• ​Determine the company’s or organization’s exposure to fraud and the areas that are most susceptible to fraud and malfeasance.
  • Fraud Risk Governance - evaluate the “tone at the top” as it relates to a sound fraud risk management program.
  • Determine the adequacy of anti-fraud training, if any.
  • Focus on the assets that are most vulnerable to fraud.
  • Determine and assess the resources available to combat the risk of fraud.
  • Work closely with boards, management, administrators and employees to develop a sound fraud risk management approach while maintaining the independence necessary to reduce the risk of fraud.
  • User friendly, easy to use analytical software and reporting.
  • Promotes “ownership” of the fraud prevention process at the local level.
  • On a timely basis, highlights trends that could indicate possible fraud – prevention is best, but early detection is also critical.
  • Focus on Analytics / KFIs (Key Fraud Indicators)

Fraud Risk Assessment

  • Assess the current fraud risk environment.

Fraud Risk Evaluation and Mitigation

  • Develop the proper “Tone at the Top” in the organization.
  • Develop a program to reduce the fraud risk to an acceptable level.
  • Development of an effective fraud control policy.
  • Develop and enhance effective anti-fraud internal controls specifically targeted to prevent fraud.
  • Obtain the proper balance between preventative and monitoring anti-fraud internal controls.
  • Train management and staff in strong anti-fraud internal controls.​

Sustainable Fraud Risk Management Assessment Program

  • ​​Develop a testing plan to ensure that existing, new and enhanced anti-fraud internal controls are working effectively.
  • Empower all management and employees to quickly identify potential fraudulent behavior.
  • Web-based fraud risk management self-assessment software and reporting.

Forensic Investigations

  • If you have already experienced fraud or embezzlement in your organization, we can help.
  • Proven techniques to “follow the money trail”.
  • Provide the data and information needed for maximization of asset recovery.
  • Computer and IT forensic capabilities through an alliance with a national cyber security firm.
  • ​​Fraud hotline.

Our Multi-faceted Fraud Risk Management Approach