• Foreclosure
  • Medical Bills
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Divorce
  • "Underpaid"
  • "Underappreciated"
  • Just "Borrowing" the Money

As noted above, fraud has become an ever-increasing problem that poses tremendous risk to all companies and organizations.  Undetected fraud can destroy a company financially, create low employee morale and result in negative goodwill with donors, members, customers, suppliers and others.  Fraud Risk Management Services, Inc. provides a comprehensive, cost-effective fraud risk management solution to this problem.  Our expertise allows us to quickly assess your fraud risk environment, determine the adequacy of your anti-fraud internal controls and devise a tailored, sustainable fraud risk management program to significantly reduce this fraud risk.  Our approach also provides you with the tools and know-how to take ownership of the fraud risk management process.  This is accomplished via training and analytical self-assessment software which allows you to quickly spot potential fraudulent activity.

It is a fact that well controlled companies and organizations perform much better than those companies and organizations that do not have sound internal controls.  A solid fraud risk management program is simply good business. 

If you haven’t already worked with us and you find yourself on the other side of fraudulent behavior, we also provide forensic accounting and analysis services to quickly assess where the money or other assets have gone.  Rapid detection with strong documentation of the money trail is essential to maximize the amount that will ultimately be recovered.  Our alliance with a national cyber security firm also provides you with the resources to recover stolen and manipulated computer files and information.

The Solution - Fraud Risk Management Services, Inc.

Fraud - A Worsening Problem


  • The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates that 5% of revenues are lost due to fraud.​
  • Difficult economic times have increased the number and magnitude of frauds.
  • Organizations are operating with leaner staffing to control expenses in periods of flat and declining revenues, thereby increasing their risk of fraud and malfeasance.
  • The myriad of laws in recent years have done little to reduce the amount of fraud… clearly it is impossible to legislate morality.
  • Cities & local governments, nonprofits and churches & ministries are extremely susceptible to fraud due to the leanness of their staffs and their tendency to downplay fraud if and when it is discovered.

Fraud Triangle

This is the area that companies, nonprofits, churches/ministries and cities & local governments can control. Making fraud and theft difficult is the most effective prevention method.